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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 12:24

Khairukum man ta allamal Qur’ana wa Allamahu

The best among you is who learns Qur’an and teaches it others (Bukhari)

Al-Quran is the eternal miracle. It is the last Book of Allah(SWT) sent for the guidance of humanity through the last Prophet, Muhammad(PBUH). It is the complete and best guide for living one's life and seeking Allah's pleasure.And a person who memorizes the whole Qur'an is called a Hafiz-e-Qur'an

He who respects Qur’an is a sacred Muslim. According to Hadith ‘he who learns and teaches it to other’s  will be recommended by Qur’an to  enter the paradise on the day of Qayamah .

So we request all our muslim brothers and sisters to make intention to learn, understand and memorize  Qur’an by heart (Hifz). HOLY Qur’an is the only book  available in almost all the languages of the world. Subhan Allah.If you are not in a position to memorize  Qur’an due to age, job, business and house hold work you can make intention that you’ll make your children or your relatives  a Hafiz.Still if you are not in position to do the same our suggestion is just, to  SPONSOR A HAFIZUL QUR’AN.


A Hafiz-e-Qur'an is a protector and a preserver of the Quran; bearing the flag of Islam wherever they go. They guard the Wahi-divine inspiration from Allah(SWT) in their hearts and their minds. They teach their community how to properly read the Quran, as well as mentor potential Huffaz in their Hifz Ul-Qur’an studies.

To sponsor a hafiz you need not go in search of students. What you have to do is to visit the nearest MADRASA . You inform the  in-charge of the MADRASA  that you are interested in sponsoring the Hafiz, INSHA ALLAH they will help you in selecting the student.The fee structure varies from school to school ,it will be approximately five to six hundred per month.The duration of the course will be around three to four yrs.The mode of Payment purely depends on you ,,can pay  MONTHLY/QUARTERLY/HALF YEARLY/ANNUALLY or Full payment.

And whoever helps someone to memorize Qur’an and encourages him by rewarding him and other means is a great good deed, and there is the hope that he will have a reward like that of the one who memorizes and recites.Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said: “Whoever calls others to guidance will have a reward like that of those who follow him, without it detracting from their reward in the slightest.”

You can sponsor the Hafiz with the intention of rewards(SAWAB/ESALE SAWAB) on anybody’s name like our  PARENTS.You can also sponsor a Hafiz on the following people.




According to Hadith on the day of Judgement(Qayamath) every one will bother about themselves. No one will be at comfort. No one will recognize anybody. Even the mother will refuse to recognize her child on that day. The sun will be just above our heads. The earth becomes of copper. It will be so hot that we will be soaked in our own sweat till our necks. May ALLAH provide a space for us in the shade of his ARSH(ameen).

In such circumstances every creature will be in need of recomondation. According to Hadith on that day ALLAH will accept the recomondation   of the HAFIZ for entering people into PARADISE for those who were destined for the HELL. The proud parents of HAFIZ will be CROWNED . The LIGHT of the CROWN will be brighter than sun’s light.

Allah will allow the person on whose name the HAFIZUL QUR’AN is sponsored in to PARADISE by the recomondation of the HAFIZ …InshaAllah..

So one can support the Hifz course of a student by sponsoring the course fee till becomes a Hafiz-e-Qur'an. It is not just sponsoring the student for his course it is also supporting in preserving of Qur'an for our future generations, encouraging the students to learn Qur'an and supporting the students of Islamic knowledge.

As per another Hadith ‘who ever makes an intention of learning Quran BY HEART and if he dies mean while ,Allah sends two Angels to  Qabar(grave)  to  teach and memorize the  Qur’an’ before Qayamah.

Now after reading this now you Plz  make an intention(SAY INSHA ALLAH) to sponsor atleast one HAFIZ before the DEVIL (satan)stops you to do so.If you are not in a position to sponsor now, you make a intention that you will sponsor when ever it is convenient ,but please please don’t forget to  PASS this message to all your muslim friends and relatives.

This is the importance of sponsoring a HAFIZ student. undoubtedly a HAFIZ’s learning ,memorizing the QUR”AN ,on every word ,reading,teaching,praying TARAWEEH, and till  he is engaged in serving QUR’AN and makes his knowledge impart to others, the sponsors and the persons who helped him in learning QUR”AN will be benefitted with good DEEDS.

If a HAFIZUL QURAN walks thru any muslim graveyard then ALLAH will make that graveyard free from HIS wrath (AZAB) for 40 (forty) days.

For every word of the QUR’AN ten good deeds are written. if any one reads ALIF,LAAM,MEEM then they will get 30 good deeds. QUR”AN is the only HOLY BOOK whose listening also fetches GOOD DEEDS. A Hafiz student reads,repeats,and memorisez QUR”AN atleast 8 to 10 hours a day. And while learning QUR’AN whether they sleep, eat, All considers them as IBADAH(worship) SUBHAN ALLAH.

Alhamdulillah our word has reached through pamphlets, banners, brochures, TV programmes, etc... to the Muslims at various places in India .As well as Makkah,  Madina , France, America ,we are glad to tell you that, people have already started Sponsoring from different part of the world…SuhanAllah.Till now hundreds of students got  benefited by this initiative and Inshallah it will go on and on.

Therefore we humbly appeal to the Muslim Ummah to contribute / sponsor to the learning of Qur'an with the intention of best reward from Allah(SWT) for themselves or for their deceased relatives and also help us in spreading the word.

For the people living in Europe and America, we suggest them to contact their relatives and friends living in sub-continent of Asia to help you in this matter.

WHEN EVER AND WHERE EVER YOU SPONSOR A HAFIZ PLEASE REMEMBER TO INFORM US THRU EMAIL/WEBSITE  TO ENCOURAGE OUR MISSION.WE APPRICIATE YOUR VALUABLE SUGGESSION:.Please forward this message to all your muslim friends..Even If they sponsor a Hafiz-e-Qur’an Insha Allah you too  will get the same reward.its a SADAQA-E-JAARIA.

Jazakallah Khair.

Its an SRSN Trust’s initiative

Syed Rahamathllah Sardar Neelofur


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